Global Markets Update

Navigating a sea of uncertainty with global markets. 

2017 Federal Budget Snapshot

After three years of budgets that focused on debt and deficit, jobs and growth, Treasurer Scott Morrison has delivered a budget makeover.

For the first budget of the Coalition’s second term in office he has tried to strike a balance between positive measures to promote economic activity such as increased spending on infrastructure and housing and offset this with spending cuts to recurrent spending on welfare, universities and elsewhere.

As always, if you would like to discuss your financial plan in the light of any of the changes announced in the budget, don’t hesitate to call.

Summer Newsletter 2016

Summer is here and the countdown to Christmas begins. The biggest upset in November, and possibly the entire year, was Donald Trump’s surprise US Presidential election victory, so we’ve included an analysis of what this means for Australians as the first article in our Summer newsletter.

We have also covered off on the gifting rules that apply to retirees who give their children or grandchildren a financial helping hand.

Speaking of giving, try not to get caught up in the consumer frenzy this time of year. We’ve included some ways to balance all the demands and expenses of the festive season.

Happy reading and wishing you all the best for the festive season and a happy and prosperous New Year.

6PR Finance Segment

6pr logo mornings with Gary ADshead

Listen to Svetlana’s recent finance segment with Gary Adshead.  Tune in for the next one on Tuesday 13th September at 10am.

Focus on Australia’s Credit Rating

As investors and consumers, we strive for a good credit rating and sovereign nations are no different.  Now two of the world’s best-known ratings agencies have put the Turnbull government on notice to reduce the budget deficit or risk losing our top notch AAA rating.

In this snapshot we look at what a downgrade might mean for investors and the economy and find a silver lining.

Self Worth is Net Worth

How to build confidence and change your financial direction.

Winter 2016

This edition covers the importance of self worth and how it can change your financial direction, an economic update and the importance of estate planning when it comes to the transfer of wealth.

Australian Growth – Resilience in tough times

In light of the recent market events associated with Britain’s vote to exit the European Union, we wanted to touch base with an end of financial year overview, including coverage of recent events.

Federal Budget 2016

Budget 2016 is all about ‘jobs and growth’. Click the above link to read more.

October – Breast Cancer awareness month

Raising awareness is an important part of reducing the impact of breast cancer within the community and a time to acknowledge those that are currently fighting a battle, loved ones that provide unwavering support, as well as those that have lost their life to the disease.

A breast cancer diagnosis can devastate a family. Those who recover can be away from work and/or family duties for months. Crisis or Trauma cover, pays you a lump sum should you be diagnosed with a specified illness like cancer. This can help ease financial pressures related to the mortgage, medical bill and kids’ education, as well as the myriad of other financial stresses that inevitably arise. You don’t need to rely on the charity and generosity of strangers to get by.

‘Your Money’ Lift out in the West Australian 28 September 2015 – Our Guide to Pocket Money

Read our recent article published in the West Australian about pocket money for children and how open and frank conversation from a young age can have such a positive impact.

Today Tonight Interview – Teaching Children the Value of Money

We recently had the opportunity to share our views on Today Tonight about the importance of teaching children about the value and management of money from a young age.

Sharemarket Overview September

Have events in China triggered the recent volatility?

Spring 2015 Newsletter

What’s behind the latest market volatility, the wisest place for savings and the great outdoors

SPG 2015 Federal Budget Overview 

What’s in store?

Autumn 2015

Market overview, the inflation pendulum, good as gold and how to reach 100

January 2015 Newsletter

Resolutions for a wealthy future

December 2014 Newsletter

The value of insurance, minimising stress and reflection on the year that was and the year ahead

November 2014 Newsletter

The beginner’s guide to Bonds, boosting your super and beating inflation

More Women Seeking Prenup Agreements

Women seeking advice on how to protect their wealth in relationships. Read our interview with the Sydney Morning Herald.