Client Testimonials

“Highly Recommended & Excellent Service.

Upon the sudden passing of my husband, my solicitor referred me to the wonderful team at Strategic Prosperity Group.  Immediately, Svetlana and Melissa put me at ease with their empathetic, caring attitude, patience and understanding of my situation.  As I was a novice when it came to finances, they went above and beyond to explain and assist with my financial journey as Executor of my late husband’s estate and to help me understand the procedures required in this role and my financial future. Their attention to detail and tireless research has been exemplary and also included contacting overseas companies which has been extremely time-consuming, involving endless paperwork being completed.  They are always available to answer any questions that arise and no request is ever too difficult for them to handle.  I wholeheartedly recommend this amazingly efficient team who have now been assisting and advising me for the past two years thus enabling me to look to the future with a clearer financial understanding and security”.   Genelle Lucas  

“We approached Strategic Prosperity Group because – Our financial set-up was becoming way too complicated to understand anymore, and we no longer had the time to learn how it was all working let alone performing.  Strategic Prosperity Group helped us by – Untangling the web of confusion that multiple previous ‘advisors’ had woven, and simplified the set-up to allow more flexibility, and ease of control.   The result was – Fantastic, and resulted in a portfolio of investments, along with insurances, and a long term plan that not only is much easier to manage and understand, but suits the reality of our lives and future plans.   One thing we liked was their – Honesty, and no sales approach to what was achievable within our current and future means. No false promises were made, and reality prevailed in any conversation.  We found the experience – To be a weight lifted from our shoulders, and an increase in clarity and confidence regarding our finances.   We would recommend strategic Prosperity Group to people who need – The confusion and uncertainty removed from their financial lives, and those that feel they have no control over their future”.  Jim and Lea Simons

“I just want to say a BIG thank you for your advice over the past several years and especially your cooperation/assistance in setting up my income stream and my contact with Centrelink. Your black and white simple terminology has been a godsend to me and anyone else who doesn’t really understand the financial jargon and there’s never any pressure to take your advice it was always ‘up to me’. Thank you for everything and the great cup of coffee. Look forward to catching up with you after October.” Pat Hollier – retiree

“I just wanted to say a big thanks for seeing us yesterday. I went to lunch with Mum afterwards and you’ve really helped her to understand her options. She was pretty pleased to see where she could be financially at 65! It’s also given her a better idea of whether she should move/sell the house. The last year has been difficult for us, especially Mum, and it’s been wonderful to find someone genuine to help and give advice.” Joanne Smith

“It is pleasing to see that good old fashioned service is alive and well as a culture in your organisation. It is refreshing to speak to your staff members, (not a machine with numbers to push to get to the next menu), who understand the needs of your clients and act quickly to get the job done. I will have no hesitation in recommending your organisation to my contacts and client base should they require the services of a financial planning specialist.” Brian Sims – Director

“Dealing with Strategic Prosperity Group gave us absolute peace of mind. Each strategy was explained clearly so I was able to understand the value upon implementation. The fees were certainly worth the advice.” Chris and Priscilla Parker – pre-retirees

“Thank you so much for the time and attention you gave me yesterday. Sincere empathy, such as yours, makes a difference to the world. It is also reassuring to realise that young women like yourself are testament to the enormous historical movement that has allowed pathways for women to show and give of their true potential in every dimension of their life.” Maria Della-Posta

“Bravo the Strategic Prosperity Group team. You always provide cheerful and willing service and every contact has been a pleasure. Thank you for your financial expertise and attention to my accounts. I have just checked my files and found I have utilised your services for a very long time.” Brian King – retiree