Wealth Creation & Tax Planning

At Strategic Prosperity Group we are committed to understanding what’s important to you and will work with you to develop a personalised strategic plan aimed at helping you achieve your personal goals.

Financial freedom is what we all dream of and with a carefully constructed wealth management plan you will be well on your way to a secure financial future.

To begin with, we will help you to understand and identify your current cash flow position. We will show you how a disciplined savings plan, adequate budgeting, tax planning and investment strategies play a crucial role in your long-term wealth creation plans.

Tax planning is an essential component of wealth creation. It is possible to legitimately reduce your tax bill each year simply by structuring your salary, superannuation, investments and debt appropriately and every plan is unique. With a bit of smart planning, you can take control of the amount of tax you pay and ensure it is less than it otherwise would have been.

The primary focus for tax planning is maximising wealth creation in a tax effective manner, hence our recommendations are structured around providing you with investments that are tailored to achieve your personal objectives and tax savings are a consequence. Adopting this approach maximises your wealth creation possibilities.

Strategic investment advice is just as critical when it comes to building a secure financial future however it is not simply about taking on risk to achieve returns. Understanding the relationship between risk and return is critical and identifying your risk tolerance enables us to construct a portfolio of diversified assets that are tailored to achieving your personal goals. If you start young, time will be a remarkable ally. If you’re at the stage of getting married or starting a family, the way you structure investments can provide a significant boost to your position. And as you build up assets, they can also help launch you to greater wealth.

There are certainly many factors to consider. Strategic Prosperity Group are committed to identifying and understanding what matters to you, clarifying your financial and personal goals and then showing you how to combine them to create a dynamic wealth management solution to help you achieve them tax effectively.