Now more than ever, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to attract and retain quality staff.  Let us help you differentiate yourself as an employer of choice and reap the rewards that come with having happy employees.

The benefits of becoming an employer of choice include:

  • Higher levels of performance
  • Retention of quality staff
  • Greater efficiency
  • Less focus on salary increases
  • Reduced absenteeism
  • Increased Customer Loyalty
  • Lower staff turnover
  • Enhanced Morale
  • Decreased training and replacement costs 
  • Strengthened branding and public image
  • Employees that are more innovative and hence offer a higher return on investment

Corporate Superannuation

Whether you are establishing or maintaining a corporate super fund for your employees, it can certainly be time intense and costly if you don’t get it right from the start. At Strategic Prosperity Group we understand the complex nature of super and are able to work in conjunction with you to structure a solution that is appropriate and provides your employees with valuable benefits.

Our corporate super offering involves:

Employer Benefits

  • Reviewing existing structures to determine if the fund remains appropriate and that you are meeting your employer obligation under superannuation legislation
  • If establishing a new fund, negotiating a competitive pricing structure
  • Supervising the transfer of any existing monies and benefits to the new fund structure
  • Recommending a default investment option and automatic acceptance limits for personal employee insurance cover
  • Tailoring value added employee benefits specific to your staff
  • Regular reviews to ensure the fund remains appropriate and on track
  • A streamlined process for remitting superannuation contributions and reduced administration
  • Ongoing employer support, education and training
  • An appointed intermediary between your organisation, employees and the corporate fund

Employee Benefits

  • Dedicated financial consultant to assist employees with any queries they may have concerning their super, insurance and personal financial planning
  • Complimentary initial consultation when seeking personal financial advice
  • Regular education and communication regarding the company fund
  • Access to group life rates for insurance cover and assistance to increase their personal cover in excess of the automatic acceptance levels
  • Assistance consolidating superannuation funds
  • Help determining a suitable investment if the default option is not appropriate

As a result of appointing our specialist services employers are able to improve the overall standard and value of their ‘default’ superannuation offering.